Graton Hotel and Casino

The Graton Hotel and Casino in Acapulco is a unique tourist attraction which is mainly centered on the luxury segment. When you get here, you will find the Doric columns decorating the exterior, and the observation deck overlooking the lake is a sight to behold. If the view doesn’t impress you, perhaps the history of the Graton Hotel and Casino will. It is well-known that Spanish conquistadors came here for their annual games in the late fifteenth century. The Mexican people were quick to embrace these games, so the grander halls where these people played the games were set up in various Mexican cities. This included the Acapulco Casinos.

When the Spanish first arrived, there was no gambling. The only activities available for the people to enjoy were the city’s “lunches”, or simple get-togethers where the rich and the poor were welcomed by the government. Later, when the area became known as the “downtown district” of Acapulco, these lunches were more a form of entertainment for the city. There were musical concerts, cultural shows, theatre and films. Thus, the Graton Hotel and Casino were built in 1565, the year Acapulco was founded by Christopher Columbus. It was built to give people a place to spend their time during the lunches.

Today, the graton has two main sections. One is the casino portion which is located to the west, near the lakeside. The other is the hotel portion which is located in the south-east. Both portions offer the same high standard of services that we are all familiar with. The casino portion includes a bar and restaurant that serves Mexican food, gambling facilities, including blackjack and roulette, and the world famous slots. The hotel’s portion, as its name suggests, is a vast resort that provides everything a person needs to do business in this part of Mexico.